Let us handle your new roof installation in Clarksville, TN

Construction projects can be a handful. There are so many decisions to make that will influence the entire building process. When you need a qualified team to handle your roof installation, turn to Extreme Exteriors Now Inc. By trusting our team to install your roof, you're investing in the lifespan of your new roof. We'll make sure that every aspect of the roof installation is handled correctly.

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Our roof installation process is thorough

During every roof construction project, we take the same approach. By going through the same sequence every time, we minimize any potential risk for error. Our process includes:
  • Applying the underlayment
  • Covering the roof with felt paper
  • Stapling the underlayment and felt paper to the roofing structure
  • Overlapping the ridge to provide ample coverage
  • Waterproofing the valleys to prevent water damage
  • Placing flashing over the peaks of your roof
  • Installing the roofing material of your choice effectively
Our team is trained to install roofs safely in Clarksville, TN. Call 931-552-3006 now to speak with an expert about your new roof construction options.